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What is a word counter tool ?

This is a free on-line calculator that counts the quantity of characters or letters in a very text, helpful for your tweets on Twitter, further as a large number of alternative applications. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Yelp or simply a post to co-workers or business officers, the quantity of actual characters matters. What you say might not be as necessary as however you say it. and the way several characters you employ. To start enumeration your letters, merely write or paste the text into the text space and Count characters.

Wordcounter may be a word count and a personality count tool. merely place your pointer into the box and start writing. Word counter can mechanically count the quantity of words and characters as you sort. you'll be able to conjointly copy and paste a document you've got already written into the word counter box and it'll show the word count and character numbers for that piece of writing. Knowing the quantity of words or characters in an exceedingly document will be vital. for instance, if the author is needed to write down a minimum or most quantity of words for a piece of writing or paper, word counter will facilitate them understand if their article meets these needs. In addition, word counter mechanically shows you the highest ten keywords and keyword density of the article you are writing. this enables you to grasp what keywords you utilize most frequently and what proportion every is employed at intervals the article. this could assist you from over-using bound words in your writing and permit you to create positive you've got the right keyword distribution you are making an attempt to get for any article you write. Word counts may also be vital in process writing and reading speeds. Word counter will facilitate confirm each of those. merely set a timer and begin writing and once the time is up, you may instantly knowledge several words you've got typewritten for that amount of your time. Disclaimer: we attempt to create our word counter as correct as potential however we have a tendency to cannot guarantee it'll continually be thus.

Facebook character limit

Like any alternative social media website Facebook has length needs once it involves writing on the wall, providing standing, electronic communication and commenting. Understanding what number characters you'll be able to use, allows you to a lot of effectively use Facebook as a business or campaign tool. Private electronic communication is one among the most ways in which individuals move on Facebook. this kind of direct electronic communication is either a moment message (chat), or an everyday email-type message. For each instant and regular electronic communication, there's a 20,000 character limit. A Facebook standing might have character limits, however considering that it's at sixty three,206 characters, unless you're writing War and Peace, you ought to be fine. Facebook has raised this variety twelve times to accommodate user’s standing and feedback. Facebook wall posts have a 5000 character limit, however truncation begins at 477 characters. this allows somebody to jot down a thoughtful response or produce one thing almost like a journal. An area that isn't utilized in Facebook is that the Notes section. it's an editorial space that several bloggers realize helpful. the rationale is as a result of Facebook Notes doesn't have a personality limit, as of yet. Users area unit directed to the present space if they need terribly long standing or comment to form. this will be wont to someone's advantage if they need a extended post to form and want to share it with their friends through tagging. At Facebook, users transfer and post new photos daily. once uploading photos, users may have to jot down an outline, that features a 5000 character limit. Once uploaded, few friends can comment regarding the post, that ought to offer them a personality limit of 8000 characters. On news feeds, long posts solely show the primary one,200 roughly characters. To summarize Facebook character limits:


On Blogger, a diary Description is up to five hundred characters long. The concerning ME page will contain no over 1,200 letters. and therefore the Interests and Favorites on the Profile will haven't any over a pair of 1,000 characters per space.

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Character counter

start counting letters, just write or paste your text into the text area and Count characters.

Word counter

Wordcounter is a word count and a character count tool, Word counter will automatically count the number of words.

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